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Sunday, 25 March 2012

this was an experiment with my canon film SLR. me and jordan wanted to shoot a roll of scenery, and then double expose it with a roll of faces. i think they turned out really really nicely, especially the first few. i've already loaded up the camera with another roll to do the same thing, because it's my last week in bournemouth and i want to get some photos of the beach in the BLAZING SUN.


  1. lovely pictures, but which cameras do you normally use? (in like the gigs pics etc.)?

    1. thanks! i normally use an olympus mju zoom 105, recently i've been using a pentax and they've come out terribly, so i'd definitely recommend the olympus :)

  2. these look so good! my camera does a simillar thing but i haven't been able to master it yet, this really makes me wanna give it a go, though! <3


  3. The photos are definitely amazing!

  4. The first two are my favorite, they're awesome! I really like all of these!