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Saturday, 18 September 2010

last night was the la roux dj set at all star lanes. me and barney had a table booked, so got in easily, and managed to get upstairs without getting ID'd. before that we ate the biggest meal in the entire universe, still feeling guilty about that. from when we arrived to when elly came out there was a five and a half-hour wait, and about an hour before she came on we moved away from the dancefloor bit, so we had to properly push to get near the front, and then we had to leave to get home. we managed to give her barneys gift thing and a note which we wrote when we were there (it was funny, not creepy - promise) and she looked pretty impressed. some horrendous person in the crowd was pulling me right back from the front so i only saw elly for about ten seconds, but it was LOVELY. it then took us three hours and four buses to get home, and i think i contracted pneumonia in clapham junction at 3am. horrible. GOOD NIGHT THOUGH.

OH, and example was there. we weren't bothered.

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