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Saturday, 9 October 2010

last night i saw one of my favourite bands of all time, mumford and sons. i had only seen them once, in a church in 2008, so this was my first proper mumford gig. it was incredible. i think it was a little bit better than florence and the machine in may, which was my favourite gig of all time. they played sister acoustically and the whole 5000 capacity venue was quiet for it, it was so amazing i thought i was going to cry. my disposables came out a bit rubbish, but the lights there were so bizarre, shining in our faces a lot and leaving the band in the dark.
the support acts were amazing too, johnny flynn + the sussex wit and matthew + the atlas. a very folky night but it was so good i can't even describe it.

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  1. I've seen Mumford and son, they're AMAZING live. I saw them in Brighton and i think they had the same support act. it was a great night! You've seen alot of great gigs? I've seen Florence and the machine but i saw her at a festival, she was pretty good too! great blog, followed!