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Thursday, 25 November 2010

OH LORD. the drums were beyond incredible last night. my camera's broken (hence the terrible terrible photos) but i wasn't too fussed about photos. too much to say, so again here's a bullet-point list.
  • three support acts. not cool. i LOVED two wounded birds, but violens and io echo weren't great, and the sound was a bit off.
  • we were standing by the bar on a balcony type thing, and we saw jacob and connor in the crowd, and watched them for a bit (ha) before i went over to the merch table and had a chat with jacobs brother, who i now think i might be in love with. i then went back to get the two wounded birds EP and jacob was just sitting by the merch table. i didn't say anything though.
  • as soon as the drums came on, we kind of didn't like standing so far back. nobody at the back knew the lyrics and it was pretty dead, so i ran to the cloakroom to dump my bag. i then lost barney and dani, so went into the crowd to look for them, gave up, and accidentally got dragged into this makeshift mosh pit, which isn't as fun on your own.
  • the crowd was really good and the set was perfect. they played the future, i'll never drop my sword, and baby that's not the point, none of which i'd ever heard live before.
  • instant highlights were forever and ever amen, and down by the water. i took THIS VIDEO, and it's terrible, but from 2:05 onwards was the best part of the evening. i think down by the water is one of my favourite songs ever ever.
  • i met molly and jack from la roux again, who had been there since ridiculous o'clock and met all of the drums, jealous, and jade and harlie from tumblr, who were lovely. 
it was just brilliant pretty much. i bought a poster (for TEN POUNDS, silly price) because it's lovely, but now i have no money. i always forget how much i love the drums until i see them live again. i'm off to get the photos developed in a minute, but the lighting was weird so they'll be terrible i bet.

ps - the interviews been pushed back two weeks until their next london show. i was so gutted but it's only two weeks so i really can't complain, it's crazy that i'm doing it anyway!

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