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Saturday, 26 February 2011


(sorry these are all blackberry photos, it's been a busy week so i haven't had time to drag out a digital camera)
i've spent the last week doing work experience at nme up in london. the day's meant to last 10.30-4.30, but i ended up doing more of a 10-6 day because i've been out in london a bit this week so it ended up easier.
 it was the week of the nme awards, so we had to prep the table namecards and make sure they were all in order, as well as a couple of other awards type jobs that were a bit boring.
 there was free red bull on offer which resulted in a nasty headache everyday, but it was free! i had just under the recommended maximum...oops.
 i did actually manage to get a pass for the awards, but the tubes were really messy on the night and i ended up stuck in kings cross when the doors open, and got near brixton at about ten, and the doors had already closed, SO ANNOYING.
 i stayed late on thursday night and went up to the roof with katia and took a couple of photos of the sunset (i think it's called a waterloo sunset?) on my film camera, and a couple of terrible ones on my phone.
 we had a browse through the nme archives and i found the nme released the day after i was born.
 i also found an ad for a smiths gig that cost £3.50. THREE POUNDS FIFTY. i spent more than that on lunch everyday.
 another perk was getting to listen to albums ahead of their release. katy b and the vaccines albums were the best. they're watermarked so you can't put them on a computer, though.
 then on friday i went to see two wounded birds (forgot a camera! idiot) at the lexington. there were a few sound issues (not that i know what i'm talking about) but they were really good, as per.
we then saw cults afterwards, who are the cutest american band maybe ever, you should definitely get a listen if you can. it's really summery music, felt a bit sad putting my coat on and braving the wind after their set finished.


  1. You lucky girl! C:

  2. You are soo lucky!
    Major jelz

  3. three words: jealous jealous JEALOUS ;(