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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

gonna start a record of the albums and singles i've been listening to the most recently. my bombay album came in the post this morning (i might've had it since thursday though, shhh) and it's just lovely. and the new florence and the machine single also came out last week, which is of GREAT IMPORTANCE to me, as i think she's the best human being on earth.

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  1. What a beautiful collage of beautiful music! I'm a huge fan of The Horrors, Lykki Li and Beach Fossils! I'm seeing Lykke Li at a festival next month and I can't wait. Florence's new track is absolutely sublime, it's been on repeat for days now! I can't wait for new album, as well as The Drums' and Bombay's. I've heard good things about Smith Westerns, but I'm yet to check out their music. I should definitely get on that!