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Saturday, 17 December 2011

christmas at uni was so much better than i thought it was gonna be. bournemouth didn't break up until the 16th so we decided to have a "christmas day" at the flat. we cooked a roast dinner (ie we bought two pre-roasted chickens, i under-cooked carrots and we didn't make enough roast potatoes) but it was delicious. 
we did the whole secret santa thing, and watched love actually while we tidied up from lunch and unwrapped presents. it actually kind of felt like a real christmas? then that night we went ice-skating in town, which was hilarious. i don't ice-skate (because it's terrible) but me and my flatmate scott sat at the side of the rink and watched people falling over, which was much better. definitely my favourite day at uni so far.

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  1. i just wanted to let you know that i nominated you as one of the blogs i have chosen for 'the versatile blog awards' because i think your blog is lovely and i love reading it. if you want to know more about it and want to participate then there is some more about it on my blog here-

    i love your photographs

    love livvy xoxo