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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

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i have absolutely no money to develop any of my disposable cameras, so i haven't updated in ages, sorry! i really don't like posting digital shots on here, they always look really rushed, but i'm working on getting over my phobia of digital photos.
it was really freezing today and on the way home i got a gingerbread latte from starbucks (gross-i forgot i hate coffee) and walked home from the train station, and i just thought everything looked so much nicer in the cold. i love coats and scarves and gloves (not so much hats) and coming home into my toasty warm house was really nice. i had a little flickr stalk earlier and found these photos, i just thought they were really lovely, and they've got me really excited for the rest of winter.

(in other news, i saw marina and the diamonds last night, disposable shots on the way, and i'm seeing foals on friday. i think i've broken my foot, i've ombred my hair, and i'm behind with all my school work. oops.)

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  1. i am feeling the exact same way about winter...everything just seems better when it's cold outside.