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Saturday, 13 November 2010

i didn't get a single photo from foals! it was SO AMAZING, i can't even describe how good it was. here's a nice bulletpointed list.
  • pulled apart by horses played to about 100 people because they came on at ten past seven. they gave us earplugs which i thought was a bit ruuude! but they were very loud and not very good. the guitarist jumped down in front of me, hugged me, and whipped his (sweaty) hair in my face. 
  • crystal fighters were easily the best support act i've ever ever seen. I knew every song, and somehow knew every single word, and they were just amazing amazing amazing. i'm going to have to see them live again.
  • FOALS. oh my lord. from the second blue blood started i couldn't breathe. i was being crushed at the front against the barrier from the start but it wasn't so bad that it was distracting.
  • olympic airways, after glow, the french open, electric bloom and what remains were AMAZING, but the obvious highlights were spanish sahara and two steps twice. i could relive them again and again.
  • there were lasers.
  • yannis jumped down literally as close to me as he could have been, i managed to half-hug him and hold his hand, and then he crowdsurfed, but it wasn't that close to us. booo.
  • after i left i met some people from tumblr who were super lovely. my cardigan was covered in someone else's sweat and my hair was drenched from the drinks people kept throwing, so i doubt i made a great impression.
sorry for rambling so much. foals was easily better than mumford and sons, but i still think florence at hammersmith was a teeny tiny bit better. TEENY TINY, though.

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  1. and since when did you get a blogger account? ah, so happy i can stalk you more now...it looks lovely!

    and just you wait til the disposables are developed, got a really really good one with will & jess.