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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

i am really really bad at christmas shopping. i used to be so good, getting it all done by mid november to avoid the rush, but this year i can't seem to buy anything that isn't for me. i went a bit over the top with the topshop basics, and spent £46 on plain t-shirts (still makes me cringe to think about it) and i bought my THIRD long sleeve marl tee, in white/cream this time. i went for a greyish marl short-sleeve as well as the camel one i've wanted for weeks. i also bought this velvet top about a week ago in tesco. TESCO. it was a tenner i think but i snuck it in the trolley when i was shopping with my mum, so it was actually free.
when i was out buying christmas cards, my boots fell apart in the snow and my tights absorbed about twenty litres of icy water as i walked, so i popped into H&M and spent £29.99 on these brown boots, which i now realise are meant to be rip-off doc martens but a little less chunky, which is just fine because i don't have the funds for actual docs. i also bought myself a few 12"s, including a limited edition foals live recording which is so lovely, i can't believe it was only £6.99.
i spent an hour drawing and painting a christmas tree the other day because i just wasn't feeling christmassy. it didn't work, but it killed some time while i was waiting for the snow to melt. i hate snow.

PS - i've just noticed that my wardrobe door is practically a shine to florence and the machine. i won't be changing it.


  1. those tees look perfect and absolutely worth the money. i want one in camel! and the boots are lovely, already looked like they've been well worn in! xx

  2. ahhh someones been doing a bit of shopping i see, amazing stuff, great choices, love your blog and im following you now because i think we have very similar tastes haha
    Merry Christmas!

  3. i have that cream top and it's the most comfortable piece of clothing i own