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Saturday, 25 December 2010

ANOTHER BORING POST. i'm really sick of doing these type of posts but i've just filled a disposable camera and i'm getting my film camera in january so i can stop just posting photos of things i've bought. one of my resolutions is to actually use this blog for relevant information and photos.

anyway, merry christmas. i've had a lovely day and got some lovely things. i only really wanted money, and i got more than i expected, but i got a couple of presents as well, so it's nice that my family know me well enough to get me things i'm actually going to use.

the shirt, coat and desert boots were christmas presents to myself that i found in the sales on christmas eve. not a bad effort, if i do say so myself.
i got some stand up DVDs from my favourites, and saved by the bell. i managed to watch a few episodes this morning before the fam arrived and it's just as amazing as i remember it.
weirdly, both my gran and my parents bought me florence merch without speaking to me, or eachother about it. i got two tote bags and a diary, all of which i'll use because i'm a bit of a superfan.
my dad must've been listening as i've been moaning about some nice headphones for ages, and i mentioned the pink/cream combination of spitfires that my friend had, and picked them up for me. he also must have noticed my growing obsession with john hughes, as he bought me four of his films, to add to my collection. i already had ferris buellers day off, but it was a copy i'd got from blockbuster that i "forgot" to give back.
AND, one of my favourites from tumblr sent me a card and one of his vinyls, which is actually pretty exciting because it's got the florence cover of flakes on it, and as i mentioned before, superfan.

i've just been reminded that i'm off to cheltenham tomorrow to see my other grandparents. i'm not allowed on their computer, there was a horrible diet coke spillage on their new mac a few years ago that scarred us all for life. i used to love going down there, but i just want to sit at home and watch all my dvds and catch up on sleep. christmas is exhausting.


  1. want that florence diary so bad. going to get it for myself. aand these posts aren't boring at all - i'm terribly nosey. x

  2. the headphones look amazing, and i have a bit of an obsession with john hughes movies, although i haven't actually seen "some kind of wonderful" yet haha