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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

abbey road

i went to abbey road studios on monday to see crystal fighters do a televised session. i didn't realise it would be properly televised with an audience and everything, and i ended up with a camera in my face the whole time, probably my own fault as we managed to sit behind the main singer and next to the presenter.
it was really good though, the studios were amazing and it was really cool to see who'd done sessions there before (imagine if i went to the florence one?!). we weren't allowed to take photos in the studios obviously, but i couldn't even get a sneaky one on my phone because we had to lock them in a room upstairs, the security was really tight! hopefully when it's on channel 4 it'll be at midnight or something so nobody'll see the many shots of my face.

(really need to sort myself out with a digital camera that isn't a massive in-your-face SLR)

1 comment:

  1. love your blog!!!
    i've seen crystal fighters in stockholm few weeks ago, it was one of those free concerts, they were ace!!! :D