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Saturday, 5 March 2011


i went to see submarine at the ICA last night as part of an ultra culture cinema night. it was REALLY VERY GOOD. the atmosphere was lovely (as i'm sure you can tell from my clear and descriptive blackberry photo) and there were free custard creams and irn bru. the film really was hilarious, i haven't seen a film that funny in ages, i think it might have crept into my top films of all time.
the two main cast members were there, and they gave out a couple of free signed copies of the book, and my friend got one and lent it to me. we also got a free zine and poster. amazing.

AND alex turner did the entire soundtrack, and i wasn't sure if it would be only instrumental, but it wasn't. it was really really lovely, and i pre-ordered it as soon as i got home.

everyone should see submarine when it comes out.

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