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Thursday, 2 June 2011


barney, barney and emily, and me on a night out in kingston.
jordan at ikea, after a huge swedish lunch.
cults at scala. fab quality, i know.
the birthday boy at his barbeque that was rained off.

i've been really lazy with blogspot recently, probably because i haven't had enough money to get all of my film developed.
i've been living between wimbledon and luton for the last couple of weeks, and it was my boyfriends birthday last friday, so i went up for nearly a week. it's really weird being home now, being back at work is the worst, even if it is only for two days this week. i'm working at my parents company, just doing research jobs and odd errands, it's alright. i need the money to save for latitude festival so i can't really complain.
i'm going to see two door cinema club tomorrow night, then heading back to luton for the weekend, to go to ikea for lunch and a wander (again, oops) and have a barbeque. then it's back to work though, which is PAINFULLY BORING.

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