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Monday, 16 May 2011

great escape

i went down to brighton this weekend for the great escape festival (but we really only went to see katy b, shhh) and it was really fun! the only other time i've been it poured with rain start to finish, so we were fairly lucky to get somewhat sunny weather and no rain at all. we had a wander round, sat on the beach for a bit, then sat on some steps drinking (we're poor) before going and seeing katy b at the corn exchange.
i'm not usually into music like katy b, but after katy on a mission last year, which was obviously amazing, i bought her album and it was fab. she was even better live, we managed to get pretty close to the front, and at the end we even managed to get on the barrier which was laaavely. i think i fell a little bit in love with her, thank HEAVENS she's at bestival, might have to see her on her uk tour later this year too, oops.

(we then wandered round brighton for hours, bought some chips, were asked to leave the house we were meant to be staying at, and ending up sleeping on a futon that was narrower than my single bed at about 4am. but i'm prepared to pretend that never happened)