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Sunday, 22 January 2012

i took jordan to oxford for his christmas present (to see the horrors and have a gander) and it was beauuuutiful. i'd been before, but only really looked at the uni and the town centre, so we wandered round some side streets and had a look in some of the buildings and it was so surreal. all of the buildings are historical and pretty and reminded me loads of paris.
initially i wanted to look around the little charity shops and markets in oxford and get some stuff for my room next year, but two nights definitely wasn't enough to have a proper look around. we had lunch in this ice cream parlour called george and delila's and wandered down loads of side streets and gardens, but in the end i only got a dress and necklace from topshop, it was too pretty to have a proper shop.
(obviously the horrors were crackin' as usual, the venue was teeny tiny and pretty sweaty, but the setlist was the best ever and some money was spent at the merch stall)


  1. These pictures are so great! The architecture is so beautiful.

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  2. Those buildings are truly beautiful!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful photographs.