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Monday, 23 April 2012

these are the first (of MANY) photos from barcelona. me and jordan went last wednesday, and got back on saturday. it was the most amazing place i've ever been.
these photos are from our first morning, and we went to park guell. it's basically this massive park on the side of a mountain on the outskirts of a city, and all of the buildings and architecture in it was designed by gaudi. we were SO lucky with the weather, and it was sunny and warm the whole time we were there. we managed to fill about 5 rolls of film, and i'm really happy with all of the photos, so i don't think i'll be posting much else for the next week or so.


  1. Lovely photos, as always! I really want to go to Barcelona (or at the moment, just anywhere away from England!) Where do you get your photos developed by the way? I'm trying to find somewhere cheaper as the cost of it is making me use my film camera less!

    Laila x

  2. aw thankyou! i get them developed at an asda near me, it costs £3 a time! SO good, but this time i went to a budget developing place called max spielman in luton, and they ruined them a bit :( asda photo developing is faaaab :) x