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Monday, 4 June 2012

Field Day 2012

On Saturday, Jordan and I went to Field Day in Victoria Park. Last year it fell on my birthday, so we went and saw Warpaint and The Horrors, but this year was SO much better. The weather started out pretty poor, but by about 1pm it was really hot and sunny, not that you can tell from our photos.

We saw Friends, Blood Orange, Summer Camp, Grimes, Metronomy, Sleigh Bells and The Vaccines, and they were all really good! Even though we only watched about 15 minutes of Grimes (horrible clash with Metronomy) I thought she was really good, and Oblivion was brilliant. The Vaccines headlined the Laneway Stage, and I wasn't especially excited to see them again (having seen them 5 or 6 times last year) but I forgot how good their album was! Wasn't too keen on the sound of the new songs, but the old ones were fab.

I reckon Field Day is probably the best one-day festival you could go to, not that I've been to many (Get Loaded in the Park 2008 counts, right?) but I'm definitely going next year, there's always enough of a good line-up to justify £45 (even though we won our tickets!)


  1. You saw Sleigh Bells AND the Vaccines?! That is awesome! The second picture is beautiful! (I hate being *that* person that asks, but what camera did you use for these?)

    1. aw thanks! it's a canon eos 300, looks a little somethin like this http://c0.dmlimg.com/1fc1c1c2db5852e08ffc380475e26336a1e3f88679ef8c5db30e92ed8d57a71f.jpg

  2. I recently saw Blood Orange support Florence + The Machine on her Australian tour and he was really great! I'd really love to see Sleigh Bells and Errors live, so jealous! By the way, I can't believe these photos were taken on a DSLR. They look like they were taken on a disposable camera! Great job!

  3. thanks! it's actually not a DSLR, it's a film SLR! hence the disposable appearance :) and blood orange and florence must've been amazing! i LOVE HER x