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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Last Sunday, me and Jordan went to Radfest in London. We actually won tickets about 3 days before, and only really wanted to see Diiv, so we didn't end up getting there until about 6 to see them. It was THE hottest day of the summer thus far (no exaggeration, I promise) and the two-hour journey across London to Hackney was hellish. Luckily, it was being held in a warehouse, and it was sort of cooler in there, and I bought a very overpriced ice lolly and watched as much of Diiv's set as possible before my face actually melted off. My favourite bit of the festival were the independent drink/clothing/zine stalls, it was a nice change from all the same festival stalls at places like Bestival and Field Day.


  1. love! do you have photos from diiv?

    1. i didn't get any because of the light :( very upsetting