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Sunday, 30 January 2011


my best friend barney took me to his sister's houseparty on friday night in peckham. we had a whole lot to drink before we left, and needed the toilet (desperately) the whole of the 35 minute drive there. peckham's pretty grim (we saw a shop called 'knife sharpening') but the house was really nice, i really can't wait to move out for uni. we ended up leaving fairly late, and on the way back our designated driver bought mcdonalds and ate it in the car. me and barney didn't have any cash so we had to sit in the back of the car with the strongest smell of chips in the world, starving hungry. that was the worst bit.
(i'm also thinking about dying my hair dark again - how shit does it look in the last photo? everytime i try and do it properly i go too high and it's the wrong colour. everyone's got ombre hair now and i'm a bit bored of mine looking worse than everyone elses! and i miss my dark hair a bit)


  1. You have a seriously cool blog! Love your hair girl :)

    The Flower Girl


  2. looks like you had a fun night out :D
    I used to live in Peckham when I was little :p
    Loving your blog by the way, make sure to keep up the good work :)x

  3. looks like your having fun x

  4. i say dye the blonde bits an awesome pastel green! not only would it look super cool until you dye it dark again but it will also neutralise the warmth in the blonde!
    nothing worse then the smell of unattainable hot fast food when you're on your way back from a great night out!