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Saturday, 5 February 2011


i ordered this t-shirt about 2 weeks ago, and they sent me this one instead. i'm not too gutted, i wanted the original because it wasn't too obviously a band t-shirt, but this one's actually pretty awesome. i don't wear many band t-shirts, because when i wear them to college it feels like i'm saying 'THIS IS A BAND I LIKE' which is a bit lame, but i've decided to try and get over that.
i find it weird that i never really talk about music/bands on here, apart from the occasional gig post. i have a tumblr and all i ever really post on there is music-related. bombay bicycle club are probably my favourite band. i always think favourite bands should be old bands (like, the beatles or the smiths or whatever) but i've never formed much of an attachment to a really old band, and i think that if i had to choose a proper favourite band, it would be bombay bicycle club (or maybe foals). i thought i'd slip in a couple of photos from when i saw them at union chapel, which was beyond incredible.


  1. Ah I got the knuckle sandwich t-shirt at their gig at troxy, the knitting nana one is so much cooler though in my opinion haha. I would have loved to see bbc play an acoustic set


  2. i love your photos and that tee is cool cos its quite design orientated rather than bandgeek

  3. oh my goodess, i love bombay bicycle club i saw them at 2000 trees it was amazing! <3