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Sunday, 29 January 2012

(the maccabees at koko, mcdonalds in brixton, the maccabees at brixton (again!), a day out in poole, and a night in at the flat)

i hate it when you're really excited to get a film developed, you get the photos back.....and they're terrible. these are the best from the past week or so, i saw the maccabees twice and they were just marvellous, we're already sizing up tickets for their next london show AND their southampton show. my financial priorities leave a lot to be desired.
back to uni this week (after a missed week, oops) but i've got the day off tomorrow so i'm going to wander into some of the local charity shops and find some bric a brac for my room next year.


  1. what kind of camera do you use?
    i love your shots.

    1. i think it's called a CANON EOS 300? some randomer at the boots film desk sold it to me!

  2. Maybe a little too much redbull? lolz The photos that did turn out look fantastic, especially the marquee photograph.