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Monday, 30 January 2012


me and jordan went into poole on the weekend, to have a look around some charity shops. me and my flatmates have found a house for next year, and we'll all be moving from teeny-tiny single-bed halls to pretty big double rooms, so i've been trying to find pretty things to fill my room. i really like the idea of storing jewellery and hairpins and stuff in pretty plates and mismatching trinkets. the same day i came home from poole, i saw this post on zoella, and it's essentially exactly what i want my room to look like next year.
i'm now on the hunt for old tins and boxes and something to hang my thousands of scarves on.


  1. Nice finds! I store my jewelry that way too, by the way!
    Oh, you're so lucky, I'd love to move out of my parents' house, also because I'm pretty "old" [I'm 22]. I only don't feel like a total loser just because in Italy it's quite unusual for the young to live on their own before they're in their late 20s/30s due to the lack of jobs and this mother hen-mentality of most parents, who would never financially support their kids if they ever wanted to leave.
    Sorry about the random comment, consider it an unrequested anthropological fact! :-)
    Ps Is that eye-thing a ring? 'Cause it's terrific!

  2. love the vintage dishes in these photos!!
    i use a mix of jewelry trees, dishes, tins, and hand-painted boxes to store all my jewelry in a fun eclectic way! post some pictures of your set-up when you move!
    Violet Tinder

  3. That third eye ring is beautiful! There's a few ways to store scarves, you can loop it on tension rods like this http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/before-after-st-158838 or loop together shower curtain rings like this http://rebeccacaridadblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/diy-scarf-belt-and-tights-organizer.html hope that helps!

  4. I am dangerous when it comes to charity shops, I have to avoid them at all costs for fear of emptying my purse!

  5. woah that eyeball ring is so awesome! i've been wanted to get one like it for ages. storing jewellery in pretty plates is a sweet idea!

  6. Thank you for following my blog, your jewlery is gorgeous! I'm following you back! x