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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


36 in 366 (stolen off unseen)
36 things i'd like to do this year

1. go back to latitude festival
2. adopt a normal sleeping pattern
3. take lots of photos in barcelona
4. take lots of photos
5. find a part-time job (or a rich relative)
6. buy a canon AE-1
7. get a decent grade for my first year of university
8. learn to drive
10. stop watching rubbish television
11. stop biting my nails
12. make more of an effort with my blog
13. start cooking
14. take jordan on holiday
15. buy lots of photo frames
16. set up my record player
17. go blonde (or something close)
18. learn to sew
19. visit more places
20. go to more charity shops
21. eat at pretty restaurants/cafe's
22. decorate my room
23. buy a bike
24. start drawing again
25. save up for something
26. go to lots of gigs
27. stop pretending i can afford to go to gigs
28. save money by going to gigs in southampton
29. go back to brighton
30. swim in the sea
31. start drinking green tea/stop hating green tea
32. start cycling
33. stop buying country slices
34. send birthday cards in the post
35. find a way to download indesign/photoshop for free
36. remember to phone my mum more often