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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Last night I went to see Laura Marling at the Royal Albert Hall in London. She's one of my absolute favourite artists of all time, and it was incredible. The stage was circular, which was actually really annoying because it meant she only faced us for four out of twenty-one songs, but it meant I got onto the barrier without having to queue at all, so no complaints!

She played her third album, A Creature I do not Know, from start to finish, which was amazing. I'd never heard some of it live, so it was a really cool idea. After a short intermission (which was weird) she played ten songs from the second album and new ones. To my absolute HATRED and DISGUST, she muddled up the rotation after the intermission, and instead of facing us for Blackberry Stone (potentially my favourite song of all time), she was totally facing the other way. But she faced us for What He Wrote and My Manic and I, and I got some videos which are pretty wonderful.

I'm SO excited to see her again at Latitude next weekend, she said last night that it'd be her last show for a very long time, which sucks.

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  1. Excellent photos, I love Laura Marling but have not yet seen her live so it's a shame she's not doing any more gigs for a while! Enjoy Latitude!