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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Latitude was brilliant! Obviously the weather on Friday night was a bit of a disaster, and left us with wet clothes and a lot of mud, but apart from that it was quite nice! I don't think I could go to a festival abroad, for about 15 minutes on Sunday I could feel heat on my back and it made me very uncomfortable, I'm not cut out for the sun.

Anyway, we saw Lana Del Rey (who is very possibly mentally unstable), Metronomy, Bon Iver and Summer Camp on Friday. Bon Iver was absolutely wonderful, the encore was the highlight of my whole weekend. We also saw Josh Widdicombe and Mark Watson in the comedy tent, and Josh was my favourite comedian of the lot. We ended up spending quite a lot of time in the Comedy tent, they had some really big names and it's the best way to hide from the rain.
On Saturday we saw Theme Park, David O'Doherty, Laura Marling and the Horrors, who were all brilliant. Laura Marling was the best though, obviously. The Horrors actually played a really good set, and I've seen them about 400 times in the past year, but this was better than most of the other times.
Then on Sunday we saw Reginald D Hunter, Peace, Jack Dee, Lucy Rose and Perfume Genius. The atmosphere on Sunday was really nice, and we spent almost all day just wandering round and sitting by the lake stage and sampling the food stalls (halloumi and chorizo burgers are the best festival food I've ever tried)

I think the best thing about the weekend was the amount of downtime we had between the people we wanted to see, which meant we could sit around in the comedy tent and have a wander through the forest, and just look around the Arena. It's definitely the prettiest site for a festival I've seen, even in the mud.

(Also, on Saturday I was feeling very rained-on and miserable, so I went to an ON-SITE SALON and got my hair washed and blow-dried for £15. It's the single best festival idea I've ever experienced)


  1. aw, I've always wanted to go to Latitude. It just seems like the loveliest festival (and the on-site salon is ingenious) Glad you had a good time!


  2. You look beautiful and those are fantastic pictures :)
    The festival sounds wonderful :)

    Karys x

  3. oh, i want to have been there! looks like an old ambulant fair. and you're absolutely gorgeous in these.

  4. i loveee your camo jacket , amazing photos xx

  5. Laura Marling twice! You're lucky! It sounds like a great festival indeed, and it's good to hear someone not madly in love with Lana Del Rey (although I like her music).