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Monday, 17 September 2012

car booties

I don't know what it is about car boot sales that makes me take so many photos. I think I just love the amount of tat you can find, and nestled within is an absolute gem. I waded through a lot of bratz mugs, porcelain figurines and dodgy clothes at the Pulloxhill car boot sale a few weeks ago before I found anything. I got a vintage leather bag for £1 (the girl behind the stall obviously thought it was the most hideous thing on the planet, and I was crazy buying it) and a little pen-pot and notebook gift set that has the most kitschy/precious cat design on it for £1.50. I didn't particularly mind that I didn't get much, it was worth it to go just for entertainment value, and the Pulloxhill one has an amazing food stall, and even offers pony rides (only to children, not that it stopped Jordan getting a photo)

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