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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I moved back to Bournemouth for Uni last week! I shot a whole roll of photos from my room (which is lovely), around our new town Winton, and other various things, but I had the aperture on the wrong setting and got THREE PHOTOS back. Luckily, my favourite developers ever, Asda, only charged me a pound for them. We had a lovely reunion at the photo desk too, love 'em.

I really want to post some photos of my room, because I think it's just precious, but I might have to resort to digital photos (bleugh) and I haven't decided if I can face that just yet. For now, I'll just listen to THIS on repeat and wait patiently for Uni to start.

PS - I know the house looks like the depths of hell, but it's actually quite nice inside. Ish.

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