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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

double exposures 3

My third double exposure roll didn't come out very well. I had a bit of an issue re-loading the film the second time round, and most of the photos ended up cut in half, weirdly triple exposed, or not double exposed in the slightest. Whilst most of the film didn't really come out, these are a few that I'm pleased with. The film only cost £3 to get developed (love you, max spiellman) so I can't complain.

Although it's time consuming and (in this case) doesn't always work, I find it so exciting to get the photos back at the end and see which photos have been combined. I think I might try another roll sometime soon, as I'm mainly using my Canon AE-1 now and the EOS works better for the double exposure process than any other camera. The flower/face combination always seems to work best, but it's a bit done to death. I love the trees/buildings combination too, so I might try more of that for roll four.

(Also, some of the photos in there are when I saw Spector at Rough Trade, who were brilliant and you should definitely listen to their album)


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  2. Those photos look amazing to me, though I agree flowers + face are probably my favourites.
    And oh I've seen Spector too, they're so good! I love your blog by the way, you're such a good photographer!

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